Top 10 Tips for Rideshare Drivers to Shine in 2022

Being a rideshare driver is no easy task, especially on the busiest streets. There are just so many factors to consider and lesser convenient options available to make sure you can make a living most efficiently and effectively. Here are some tips for you to consider to Get Shinin in 2022. 

1. Use Gridwise.

Gridwise, the ultimate rideshare and delivery assistant, is worth a look. It’s a free iOS and Android app to help ridesharing and food delivery drivers earn more. Gridwise makes it easy to track your earnings, mileage, expenses, and even tax reports. It even assists you in locating the ideal driving spots and times by providing detailed stats on where most drivers found the most trips and which days are the busiest.

2. Check out Ara and Vendybox.

Looking to earn more without any extra work? Check out Ara and Vendybox.

Ara is a car advertising company that displays your vehicle and shows ads while on the road. There is no need to worry about making any kind of financial commitment since installation and maintenance are free.

Vendybox is a vending machine company that enables rideshare drivers to make more money. Consider it a free store inside your car with merchandise provided by Vendybox to assist you in increasing your earnings.

Both of these apps are excellent ways to make passive income without putting in any additional effort in work.

3. Taking Advantage of Uber’s Surge Pricing and Lyft’s Prime Time.

Surge pricing (Uber), or Prime Time (Lyft), are periods when demand for rides increases but the supply of drivers decreases, leading to a rise in the rate charged for a ride.  Taking advantage of these times can lead to higher earnings for drivers.

You’ll hear a variety of opinions on this. Some argue that Surge and Prime Time are a waste of time because the flood of responding drivers makes finding riders much more difficult. Some believe you should take advantage of it if it happens to be in the area where you’re currently driving. The best thing you can do is give it a couple of tries to see whether it works for you.

4. Drive for Both Companies at the Same Time.

Once you’ve gained some driving experience, you might want to think about driving for both Uber and Lyft simultaneously. You may boost both your number of rides and revenue by making yourself available to both businesses. Or, you may even try driving for food delivery services such as Instacart, DoorDash, Postmates, or Shipt.

5. Provide Complimentary Items.

Offer complimentary items to make the travel as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for your passengers. Bottled water, snacks, gum, and mobile device chargers are all items that successful drivers have on hand. You can increase the likelihood of a high rating by providing these to passengers.

6. Drive Less.

Driving too much is a common mistake made by drivers. Every gallon of gas you use deducts from your earnings. Don’t drive about aimlessly between rides. Instead, find a convenient parking spot and park between rides to save money.

7. Check the Passenger Feature.

If you’ve ever taken an Uber or Lyft ride, you’re aware that the app’s passenger feature will show you how many drivers are available in your area. If you’re driving, use the app’s passenger feature to see if you’re in a driver-heavy area and avoid it. This simple step will ensure that you aren’t stuck in the company of ten other drivers waiting for passengers.

8. Rent or Lease To Drive.

You’ll need a relatively new vehicle in good overall shape to be a successful driver. With a hotter and fresher car, you can apply to drive for higher service with Uber and Lyft.

If your own vehicle isn’t up to the standard, you can rent or lease a car to drive.  You can easily rent someone else’s unused vehicle and utilize it to drive for Uber or Lyft using Shinin’ Rentals. The process is super simple, and you can easily earn money without even owning a vehicle.

9. Have Music On Hand.

Your passengers may not always want to listen to music, but if they do, providing a choice of options can help you provide a better experience for them and increase the chances of a higher review.  Make sure the music is ready to go before driving so you don’t become distracted while on the road.

You can also provide an auxiliary cord for your passengers to connect their own devices to your sound system, allowing them to listen to their own music.

10. Be Friendly!

Last but not least, the best drivers are those who are friendly and enjoyable to be around! Take the time to engage in conversation with your passengers and show that you are concerned about their experience. You’d be shocked to see how much this adds to your positive reviews and drives success.

Different rideshare drivers have varying methods through which they may achieve convenience. You may know some of these tips already and may have tried them out at some point, too. It may have either gone well or didn’t, which is completely normal. What matters is that you know which tips work well for you and which tips you may tweak to fit your needs. 

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